Some good c fold wipes help you wipe yourself and surfaces at a low cost while not having to worry about what to do with the wipe afterwards as you simply throw it away. That way you don't got to worry about washing any wipes and dealing with the filth and dirt on it. It's simple to use, cost-effective and mostly you'll see these in companies and industries to keep good hygiene without needing to deal with washing anything afterwards. There's plenty of good reasons for a company to buy c fold vipes, such as the ones aforementioned and there's very few good reasons to get cloth wipes as they require extra work on top of lasting only a few times at most depending on the industry.

Disposable products

Along with c fold vipes, there's various other disposable hygiene products that industries and companies use, such as paper wash cloths that have a very strong absorption capacity, to help with beauty care and baby care.  These products are made by manufacturers such as Finess Hygiene whom specializes in making disposable hygiene products to help companies, industries, hospitals and regular folks with cleaning people as well as surfaces. Though they do make other forms of products too, such as wash gloves, airlaid wipes, aprons, laminates and so much more to help clinics and such places with keeping patients safe and surfaces free from germs. Obviously it's rare to see such kinds of things inside a regular home, but still a possibility.​​